AI Consulting Services

Transform & Empower your Business with Artificial Intelligence

for Corporations, International Companies, VCs & PE Firms

We provide a range of consulting and delivery services to accelerate your scaled AI adoption
depending on your current stage of AI maturity, customised to your specific needs.

Boardroom AI Briefing

A boardroom briefing session to highlight areas of AI innovation across the business and inform senior leadership on AI opportunities and threats to better understand the AI advantage.

Interim Chief AI Officer

Your strategic AI partner to give you the right expertise and insights for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time chief AI officer.

AI Strategy

Define a complete AI strategy for your business which includes a full AI roadmap, policies, communication and training plan to align staff with the ambitions of AI adoption.

AI Innovate

Execute against the AI roadmap to demonstrate the benefits and return on investment quickly to facilitate wider programmes of work.

for SMEs, Local Government & Charities

Start your AI exploration with an expert advisor by your side to guide you through
the challenges and risks that complex technology delivery can produce.

AI Vision Workshop

Determine the areas of potential within your business where AI could have the biggest impact and benefit.

AI Advisor (NED)

Get the best AI advisory for your business when you need it. Supporting your board and CTO directly.

AI Roadmap

Define a full AI roadmap of use-cases across the various business functions, prioritised by value and technical complexity.

AI Implement

Target the highest priority use-case and work with our team of experienced data scientists to accelerate your adoption of AI within your firm

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AI Consulting by Professor Andy Pardoe

Gain in-depth insights and deep business advisory to help accelerate your business
with its adoption of AI technologies across the value chain to deliver a range of benefits.