Artificial Intelligence Books

by Professor Andy Pardoe

“Executive AI Handbook” – The world is changing at an exponential rate and the global pandemic in 2020 accelerated digital transformation and need for automation, data analytics and predictive algorithms within many different industries. Applications, and more importantly, acceptance of AI dramatically increased over the last few years.

This now puts increased pressure on business leaders to start the adoption of AI within their own companies or risk the advantage going to their competitors. The pressure is not only coming from competitors, but client expectations are increasing as they see what is possible with these cutting-edge technologies.

But the technology landscape for AI is complex, full of different vendors, platforms, tools, applications and frameworks, hundreds, and hundreds of alternatives and options, with more new capabilities being developed every month. How does any business leader keep up to date and able to make informed decisions on what to use. This can often lead to inertia, with many unable to prioritise AI adoption due to the fear of the unknown.

This book will help you navigate these challenges, so you feel more comfortable starting the AI adoption journey. Specifically for business leaders working in large national or international corporations.

The AI Book

co-authored by Professor Andy Pardoe

Published April 2020

I'm honoured to share some exciting news: I'm the Co-Author of The AI Book, which will be published by Wiley in April 2020

The AI Book is the first crowdsourced book on the applications of AI across financial services and brings together some of the industry's best thought leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers globally.

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60 Leaders on AI

co-authored by Professor Andy Pardoe

Published May 2022

I'm honoured to share some exciting news: I'm the Co-Author of 60 Leaders on AI

This book addresses some of the most challenging AI related topics of our time, with experts reflecting on them from different perspectives.

A great resource for those interested in the subject and its free to download !


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