The 2nd Annual Achievement Awards for AI – Voting Now Open

I am very pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Global Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is now officially open for voting.

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Last year we had 10 awards categories, this year we have 20 categories in which you are able to nominate your votes against, these categories include;

  • Best AI Startup
  • Best Consumer Application of AI
  • Best AI in the Enterprise
  • Best use of AI in Robotics
  • Best use of AI in Education
  • Best use of AI in FinTech or Financial Applications
  • Best use of AI in Customer Service
  • Best use of AI in Food, Health and Medicine
  • Best use of AI for Automation
  • Best use of AI for NLP or NLG
  • Best AI for Gaming and Virtual Reality
  • Best use of AI for Personal assistant
  • Best use of AI for the Senses (Vision, Speech, Smell, Touch)
  • Best use of AI in the Arts (Music, Literature, Sculpture, Visual)
  • AI Person of the Year
  • AI Company of the Year
  • AI Application of the Year
  • AI Innovation of the Year
  • Best AI Tool or Framework of the Year
  • and The Special Award for AI Achievement


How it Works

The AI Awards are a Public Vote

Companies that wish to be nominated in a given category may communicate to their customers, employees, partners and supporters to encourage them to vote for you in the category you want.

Individuals are obviously free to vote for whatever company and/or persons they feel are deserving.

Please note that each person can only register a single nomination per category. If you wish you can vote for a single category or vote on all twenty categories.

More Information

For more information and to register your vote please visit http://Awards.AI
You can also follow us on Twitter @Awards_AI
We are still looking for sponsors for the awards, please visit our sponsors page or contact us for more details.