AI Curious?

Earlier this year, we ran a survey to see how many businesses where adopting the benefits of AI and at what stage they were at in the journey. The results were quite frankly astonishing – only a few of the businesses we surveyed had started the process of adopting AI into their business. This didn’t seem to relate to the size of the business or the technical skills and experience of the team either. While most have been thinking about using AI, only about 25% of companies had started to utilise the technology.

We understand why this is the case – the technology moves forward very quickly, with thousands of academic papers published each year, and the tools and frameworks advancing at a tremendous rate – it is difficult for people to keep up with all the advancements happening in the AI industry – this is where WisdomWorks can help.

We believe that 2023 will be a pivotal year for the widespread use of AI in a commercial setting. More companies will be planning to use AI over the next 12 to 18 months. With the looming energy and economic crisis coming this winter, increased pressure for businesses to cut-costs and/or increase prices. These economic pressures always look for efficiencies and optimisations within the end-to-end processes to allow the business to be as streamlined and cost effective as possible while still providing a personalised service to your customers.

The application of AI & Automation can reduce your operating costs, while helping to attract new customers and better service your existing clients – the golden triangle for any business in these uncertain times.

So now is the time to start planning your use of Automation & AI for 2023 and beyond, as you don’t want your competitors to get the jump on you during this highly competitive landscape.

The time is Now … to plan for AI

If I could offer you one piece of advice, getting yourself and your business familiar with the various digital transformation technologies would be it. From sales and marketing, customer support, back-office operations, product design and service delivery, AI can help across your value chain both front-office customer interactions and back-office operations. We saw during the Covid pandemic that a dynamic environment needs technology to help us. The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis is yet another disruption to the business environment, applying additional pressures.

We believe that companies that embrace the use of AI across its functions will perform better than their competitors and be better placed to survive dynamic and disruptive environments we experience over the coming years.

Special Offer

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