Two years today first went live. I am very happy to say that the purpose for site then is still the core purpose of the Informed.AI group of websites, and that is to Support the AI Community.

The two year milestone has made us review this mission and we are pleased to revise our mandate to ensure our core message and purpose is clear and easy to understand.

The past two years have been an amazing journey, adding more functionality to, creating a number supporting sites for specific parts of the ecosystem. But the most enjoyable part of this for us has always been meeting people and helping them to engage better with the wider AI community.

We have accomplished so many amazing things over the past two years. For example, our Events site recently hit the 150 events listed milestone and continues at pace with more events being listed every single week.

One of the key issues highlighted by the Royal Society report on Machine Learning was the potential skills gap as an industry we are facing. Obviously there isn’t a single solution to this, but we hope both from a training and education perspective, and Vocation.AI from a career portal and jobs board will help to support this key area of development needed over the coming years.

AI Awards

The AI Awards, have been a huge success on a global scale, we have already awarded 27 winners of the AI Awards. Having now entered our third year, we have some fantastic plans and announcements coming very soon that I am sure everyone will be very pleased to hear. Celebrating the successes and achievements of this fast paced industry is hugely important and really at the core of our efforts to support the AI community.

Neurons Network

We continue to grow our Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers call Neurons. This is a mix of both online and offline interactions, with meetups, forums, user blogs and messaging. This platform allows us to facilitate the knowledge sharing between organisations, allowing us all to benefit from the open developments of this field. We have recently created Meetup Chapters covering several new Cities in addition London, and are looking to rapidly add more regions and locations over the coming months.

Unique Content

We want to thank everyone for their continued involvement. We are always looking for contributors, to submit stories, press releases and thought leadership articles. Sharing your news and thoughts is all part of what this ecosystem is designed for, so please don’t hesitate to submit your news on our platform. We are now also creating our own unique stories, articles and papers, which we hope you will enjoy. This exclusive content will also be shared as part of our new weekly news letter.


We will be launching a number of modern styled events as part of our AI Showcase, including a Quarterly Online Live Demonstrations of AI Products, Frameworks and Tools, an Annual UnConference for Researchers to better share ideas and receive feedback and a Showcase Summit. More details coming soon, but please visit our site and register your interest.

In addition we have a number of additional projects and sites in the planning stage which we will be launching in the coming months, which will add new capabilities to our portfolio of sites.

Volunteers Needed

One of the key developments over the last six months, is the building of a team of volunteers to help accelerate our own capabilities and deliveries to facilitate our mission of support the AI community. I want to thank everyone that has already signed up to help us with our mission, and to welcome others to volunteer, as there is always more to do in this fast paced environment and the more volunteers we have the more we can support the community.

As we add more Cities to our Neurons Meetup Chapters we need volunteers to help organise the local events. We are also looking for AI Experts to join our panel of judges for the AI Awards. If you would like to involved please contact us to find our more.

We are also forming a number of strategic partnerships that will enable us to achieve alot more in the coming months. More detailed announcements of these will be released in due course, but this is a very exciting stage of our expansion.

We Value your Feedback

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as we want to make sure we are delivering useful sites and functionality. The best way to do this is email us at

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder of the Informed.AI Media Group

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