Want to find our more about Artificial Intelligence?

One of the best ways to learn more about a subject is to meet up with other people and listen to talks on the subject. But if you are a novice how do you find out about such meet-ups, events, conferences and exhibitions.

The anwer is simple. Just visit http://Events.AI

The Events.AI website lists all the different events, from regular meet-ups, one-day events, conferences and exhitibtions for various regions and countries.

You will find many experts (both academic and commercial) at these events and will serve as an excellent introduction to the subject enabling you to learn more about the diversity of techniques, algorithms and tools employed under the banner of “AI”.

We have listed all the major events we know about on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and add new event listings weekly.

We hope this is a useful list for people to refer to and is part of our network of websites about AI. See Informed.AI for more details on our other sites.

As always we welcome your feedback and encourage you to let us know how we can improve this or any of our other AI community websites.