For those that know me well, you will be familiar with my GEEK WEEKs.

For those that dont, let me introduce GEEK WEEK.

GEEK WEEK is my meme for renewal and learning, from reading the mountain of books I have saved up for a few months, to sharpening my technical skills and knowledge. GEEK WEEK is my time out to refresh and recharge, get inspiration come up with new ideas and develop some new concepts.

My first GEEK WEEK was when I built the first version of (now called into.AI)

Often I find the Easter holidays are a perfect time for my first GEEK WEEK of the year (yes that’s right I often have several GW’s per year).

If you dont already do this, I would encourage you to find a way to do this. However, I understand that many will struggle to take a full week off to do this type of thing. So have a GEEK DAY or a GEEK HOUR. Whatever works for you, but do it and do it often.

And what better time to do this when we are all in social distancing and lockdown due to COVID-19

I guarantee you will benefit from this focused learning, renewal and refresh.

Good Luck and Enjoy