Since launching three months ago it has been a continuous transformation of what the site offers. Initially our focus was building a directory of information resources about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is still the main focus, and while there is now a significant collections of resources listed, there is always more to add. However, the website now contains a number of additional sections or as we call them channels.

Information Channels

We have a collection of channels covering different formats of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning information. These include a Resource Directory, News Stories, Videos, Twitter and Forum Streams.

Our aim is to provide different Channels that source different types of information on AI and ML from across the world, organised together in one place —

  • Resource Directory Channel — The Directory is a list of information resources organised in categories to make it easy to find the information resources you need. See
  • News Stories Channel — Our News Stories section gives you all the latest popular news stories on AI and ML. See
  • Video Channel — The Videos area has a collections of featured and popular videos on AI and ML via our youtube channel.
  • Twitter Stream Channel — Our Twitter Stream shows the timeline of @homeAIinfo plus activity on twitter for #AI and #ML tweets.
  • Forums Channel — Our Forums Stream shows activity across a number of forums and user groups related to AI and ML

We hope you like and appreciate any and all feedback

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Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder and Curator of