Some of the greatest technology advances in the late 20th century have been around defining new computer algorithms. You only have to look at Google with its PageRank algorithm which transformed the search engine landscape. Remember Google was a late entrant into the search engine space which was until then dominated by the likes of Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, and Excite to name but a few.

We have also seen how algorithms have transformed many industries, for example in the financial sector over the last thirty years, from the rollout of electronic exchanges, to the advent of algorithm trading, low latency trading and niche hedge funds that analyse all sorts of data to give winning trading strategies (from weather patterns to twitter feed activity).

A hot topic last year and now in 2015 is that of intelligence algorithms applied to big data. Many of the large technology firms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon and Google, are heavily investing in advanced intelligent algorithms to help automate tasks of data classification and prediction.

I wanted to produce a site that was independent of any company, research institute or association that provided a comprehensive directory of information resources on the various topics around artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I hope this site will be useful for everyone interested in the field of AI or ML, from novices wanting to learn about the subject, to students and teachers, academic researchers, to professional data scientists and developers of machine learning algorithms working for companies wanting to deliver advanced algorithms.

Since i did my PhD in artificial intelligence, back in 1996, the field has certainly developed, with “deep learning”, “narrow AI”, “artificial general intelligence” all being new terms to the field. In addition there are many new software tools and languages that are available to help build such machine learning algorithms. With such a growing field, I felt it was important to have a home or starting point for people to better understand the subject area. This is why I have built

It is still very new, only a month old, and I know there is still much more to add, but in its first month I feel we have made a great start and gives us a foundation to build on.

If you work in the industry, please take a look at the site and help me fill any gaps, suggest missing links, suggest additional categories to add to the directory. If you have a friend that is a technology teacher, tell them about this site, if you have a child interested in this topic show them this site, if you are a university lecturer or researcher please share this site with your colleagues and students, if you are a professional working in this sector, share this site with your team. Only by sharing this site with others and building a community of people that care about this site will we make this the best most comprehensive and useful staring point for people involved in AI.

Thank you for caring.

Dr Andy Pardoe
Founder and Curator of