Today my techtuesday focus is on getting organised and #cloud adoption.

As a technologist, I have alot of data, files, documents, photos, music, etc. And as a bit of a hoarder, I tend to keep everything.

As a reborn digital native, I of course keep everything as digital (almost everything), and due to my generational overlap with digital, I have scanned most things (mostly old photos) that started out non-digital, so I have a digital copy.

For many years (before online and cloud storage), I would have my own NAS (Network Attached Storage) RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) storage setup that would store all my digital assets and ensure everything was backed up with as much redundancy as I could implement automatically.

More recently, my data storage solution also backed-up the data into the cloud. But the master storage was still local to me, physically in my home, I could see it, the led lights flashing to let me know the system was still working and I could actually see they storage work as I added new to data into it. Somehow it felt right.

No doubt to the younger audience, who have been a digital native from birth, and have only ever used the cloud to store all their data, will think this rather odd. But for me, making the next step was a significant milestone.

BIG NEWS: I have now fully decommissioned my local NAS storage. All my data is now on the cloud. I am fully in the cloud !

I have adopted a multi-cloud strategy with my data replicated across two (sometimes three) cloud providers and are using CloudHQ and odrive as the tools that have helped me with this project.

I am now looking at cleaning up and better organising my data, which feels very satisfying, and it has allowed me to re-discover a few classic files (photos) for example … which I may share in another post !

Let me know if you have any interesting mini tech projects you are working on right now.

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