Today my techtuesday focus is on the launch of my Podcast

I find it odd that the other AI Podcasts are not using AI to help …. I am exploring the use of AI to help with the Podcast cover art, and also to help compose the musical intro and outro.

Just seems to be the right thing to do, as AI is helping to drive the creative arts as it is in other areas of our lives.

I am looking to create a number of different podcast series (topic focused) on the following themes;

  • AI Now and Next – Tech and Future – How is AI going to help transform our lives and businesses over the next 5 years.
  • AI Showcase – Industry / Sector and Vendor Showcase – Perfect for AI Vendors wanting to promote their product with an industry focus
  • AI Spotlight – specific topics including AI Ethics / Culture and Operational Challenges and Opportunities
  • Ventures – AI Startups and the Startup Ecosystem
  • Academy – Career Dev / Personal and Business Coaching & Mentoring
  • Dev Mgr – Specific theme on technical leadership, career development, mentoring and how the profession is changing
  • Bite Size Bits – mini casts of just 5-10mins on a specific topic

With a mix of technical and business emphasis, I am looking for speakers that can share interesting perspectives and insights that people will find engaging and educational. While a core focus for this Podcast is all things AI, I am also keen to cover the soft-skills of technology development, leadership and mentorship, as well as understanding how the profession is changing as companies adopt AI technologies.

The Podcast will be shared and promoted on both the Neurons.AI  and Awards.AI global communities.

I am also looking for brands that would like to be aligned with this Podcast from an advertising / promotion perspective too.

Please message me via LinkedIn or via my Website to volunteer as a speaker or to discuss promotional opportunities.

If you dont want to miss the launch of my Show, please follow me on social media channels (twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram) and sign up to my Newsletter PLUS bookmark my new Show page which will have links to all the channels to access the Podcast once launched.

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