I wanted to take this opportunity to share what I have been doing for the past few years, and to give an update on the latest progress to date.

During 2020, I wanted to consolidate all of my work and projects into a single brand, this would help bring everything together, supporting each other and bring clarity to the various activities. This gave birth to the Wisdom Group. Our focus is the development of advanced AI capabilities and helping our clients and customers to deliver business benefits and value via the application of these AI derived abilities.

Wisdom Consulting

Our Consulting business helps established businesses, from SMEs to PLCs, to adopt AI or to advance the maturity of AI within the organisation. Going from AI-curious to AI-first company, takes time, experience and skills, that many firms do not have internally. While doing a first proof-of-concept is relatively simple to achieve, scaling up to a full-scale best-in-class enterprise AI operation requires not just technical knowledge, but operational, process and people capabilities. From AI Strategy to AI Delivery, we can assist your AI Journey from start to finish. Many firms essentially get stuck part-way through the adoption of AI, we can come in and trouble-shoot the issues and enable your teams to move forward, benefiting from the advantages of AI adoption across the firm. For more check out

We publish detailed White Papers and our short Insight Articles on our website. We also share the Media Publications of our Thought Leadership Articles on AI 

Wisdom Works

Works is the core engine of the Wisdom Group – here we are building the next generation AI Platform, from the ground up. We are taking a broader approach to AI, looking at all aspects of intelligence, not just machine learning. Our platform will be used for client consulting work and to support our AI startups and spinouts. We will be making a beta version of our AI platform available soon. Please sign up to our newsletter or see the other ways to connect with us listed below (learn more section).

Wisdom Works Ventures

For many years now we have supported AI & Deep Tech Start-up Founders. Our services cover three core pillars of consultancy – business, technology and fundraising. Our startups span a range of maturities, from idea to series B/C, and multiple industry sectors, from financial services, retail to medical and wellbeing. Our team of advisors provide a range of mentoring and advisory across all the business and technology areas that startups need support with. We also have partnerships with accelerators in other countries, allowing you to go global with your business when you are ready. We are recruiting our next Cohort of start-ups, so if you know of anyone working in an early stage startup, please tell them about WisdomWorks.Ventures

Industry Focus

We have three core industry sectors that we are specialising on at the moment, these are

  • financial services & fintechs
  • retail and consumer applications
  • medical, healthcare & med-tech

However, we do work with clients outside of these three sectors as we look to expand our footprint in other sectors.

Wisdom Events (The Neuron’s Community)

Wisdom Events covers all the events and community activities. This included the AI & Robotics Conference, the One-Day Directors’ Forum Events, the Neurons Meetups as well as the AI Future Show Podcast. While the Covid pandemic over the last two years have put alot of our activities and events on hold – we will be looking to ramp these up again in 2023-2024.

Learn More about the Wisdom Works Group

If you would like to know more about the Wisdom Group and how we might be able to help your organisation – you can get in contact in the following ways

  1. visit our websites at and
  2. follow us on linkedin wisdom group and wisdom ventures
  3. on twitter wisdom works
  4. or feel free to setup a call with me to discuss your specific requirements.