Academic Publications


Neural network correction of ultrasonic C-scan images
Volume 37, Issue 4, April 1999, Pages 263–272

Neural Networks applied to Ultrasonic Tomographic Image Reconstruction
Neural Computing & Applications
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Neural Network Image Reconstruction for Nondestructive Testing
University of Warwick
PhD Thesis November 1996

High Resolution Image Reconstruction of Polymer Composite Materials using Neural Networks
Review of Progress in Quantitative Non-destructive Evaluation
Research Paper. July 1995 Vol 15, pp 853-860

Applying Neural Networks for Ultrasonic Tomography Inspection of Composite Materials
Proceeding of 3rd Irish Neural Network Conference
Research Paper September 1993

Use of Neural Networks for Ultrasonic Tomography Inspection of Polymer Composites
Ultrasonics International 93
Research Paper. 1993 pp 779-782


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